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RobotLab.vn is a research group established in 2011 starting from members participating in Robocon, Tech-show, and national science and technology innovation contests. Currently, the group specializes in researching and manufacturing autonomous robots, educational robots, and STEM experiment kits. STEM robot solution for all students, students in the country.

Vision: RobotLab.vn specializes in researching and manufacturing Autonomous Robots, educational robots and STEM experiment kits outreach to the community to improve the quality of technology education for all. special people are pupils and students in the whole country and future orientation in developing countries.
Mission: Built by a young, dynamic and creative team combining a solid background in robotics science and technology. Serving the community with practical robot solutions, especially in our education and training and mission. RobotLab.vn is proud to be the pioneer in the field of Autonomous Robotics, Robot STEM in the industrial revolution 4.0 (Industrial 4.0).


Mr. Tri: 0356250455


969 My Phuoc Tan Van Street - Dinh Hoa Ward - Thu Dau Mot City -Binh Duong



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