Higher quality

Robots produce high quality products, comply with quality standards and reduce quality control time.

Increased efficiency

Robots can perform tasks with greater accuracy, faster and better than humans. Reduce cycletime, higher profit and lower cost per product

Improved working environment

Collaboration robots (Cobot) are often used to perform tasks that are considered dangerous to humans, as well as being able to perform very expensive and repetitive tasks.

Longer working hours

Robots can work 24/7 with high reliability along with 100% performance.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Focus on research and development AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) robots, unlike AGV which always needs navigation devices (magnetic line, colored line). AMR can navigate flexibly using a map, allowing it to motion plan its own routes and move quickly and efficiently.

Collaboration robots (Cobot)

We provide collaboration  robots Neuromeka that are applied in almost all fields in light industrial, especially in the fields of electronic,  mechanics – automobiles, processing and manufacturing. Neuromeka provides easy-to-use, low-cost collaborative robot(Cobot).  Neuromeka leads factory automation and cobot ecosystem.  

Robot for Education 

We specialize in manufacturing and developing autonomous robots, outdoor and indoor robot models for education. Combined with modern control and simulation systems to help students, teachers, students, students, inventors easily access robots.

Some of Innovative Companies in Robotics

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