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Collaborative Robot | Indy

Indy is Neuromeka’s flagship cobot model we designed and manufactured. Guaranteeing workers’ safety based on innovative collision detection algorithms, Indy supports more intuitive direct teaching by impedance control as well as online and offline programming with the teach pendant app running on android tablets. Indy7 (with payload capacity of 7kg) is available, while Indy12 (with 12kg payload)


Easy  Easily installed and programmed
Safe  Safely cooperate with people
Connected  Connected always everywhere 

Robot Controller | STEP

STEP comes with NRMKPlatform SDK, a software framework for development of realtime control applications on Linux/Xenomai environment which is the hard realtime OS.
STEP is integrated with EtherLab, which has been proven open-source EtherCAT master stack for many systems, for multi-axes synchronized high-speed realtime distributed control. Development of standard EtherCAT based realtime cotrol applications is supported by CoE (CANopen-over-EtherCAT) protocol based programming interface.  
STEP3, a performance model intended for advanced research and development, is integrated with a high-performance GPU card and NIVIDIA TensorRT library which facilitates development of a variety of algorithms based on high-speed deep learning inference computation.  

Smart Actuator | CORE

Neuromeka’s smart actuators are joint driving modules with frameless motor, harmonic drive, magnetic brake, multi-turn absolute encoder, EtherCAT slave board, and motor driver integrated through a common hollow axis structure. Hollow axis design enables aesthetic robot design for motor power lines and EtherCAT control lines go through the hole. 
Neuromeka is producing two lineups of smart actuators. CORE series (adopted to Indy lineup) consists of four models in terms of rated power, e.g. CORE100/200/500 and 1300 (100W, 200W, 500W, and 1300W, respectively). 

Teach Pendant | CONTY

‘CONTY’ is the teach pendant app (running on Android OS) developed independently to program every cobot of Neuromeka. As such it runs on every standard android tablet. Communicating with the robot controller ‘STEP’ in wired or wireless manner, it supports online and offline programming of Indy lineup as well as direct teaching. Thanks to abundant features designed intuitively anyone can program Neuromeka’s cobot.

Vision Solution | Indy Eye

Deep learning based, high-performance vision solution IndyEye offers afforådable solutions through low-cost vision sensorå and deep learning server sharing.



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